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Our anchor products included:

Aluminium Speed Plug ( Dna ), Chemical Capsule ( Spin ), Chemical Stud Bolts , Nuts , Fw, Drop In Anchor, Expansion Shield Anchor( Nuts Type), Expansion Sleeve Anchor With Flange Nuts, High Anchor ( Hit ), Hollow Wall Anchor, Metal Speed ( Spa ), Nylon Anchor (S Plug), Nylon Anchor With Nail ( Speed ) Plug, Set Anchor, Shield Anchor With Hex Bolts ( Tac Type ), Sleeve Anchor / Pj Anchor, Tac Plug (Hup Holland Anchor), Toggle Nylon Anchor (Plasterboard), Toggle Wing ( For Screws Size Refer RH Mc Screws ), Wedge Anchor.

AluminiumSpeedAnchor_DNA_ Hollow_Wall_Anchor Toggle_Anchor_With_RH_MC_Screws

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