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If you are looking for bolts and nuts fastener needs and solutions, you must look for us - Advance Bolts. We are one of the largest distributors that house the most complete and varied range of bolts and nuts fasteners in Malaysia and the surrounding regions.

What is truly unique about us is we have well over 25,000 different types of products comprising both the standard and customized bolts, nuts fastener, screws and washers. Our marketing network covers the whole of Malaysia. If you have any query, our personnel sales team will always be there to serve you.


We Supply Bolts and Nuts

Bolts Products Included: Nuts Products Included:

BOH_WAdjuster Bolts With Hold Thread, Carriage Bolts With Sq Neck, Chemical Stud Bolts, Eye Bolts,Hex Bolts Din 931 (grade 10.9 ), Hex Bolts Din 931 (grade 8.8 ), Hex Bolts Din 933 (grade 10.9 ), Hex Bolts Din 933 (grade 8.8 ), Hex Hd Flange Bolts With Serr, Hex Hd Lag Bolts ( Coach Screws ), High Strength Bolts , Nuts , 2fw (f10t), High Strength Bolts , Nuts(a325), Stud Bolts, U Bolts / 2nuts, Weld Bolts

NUTS_WAmt Lock Nut, Barrel Nut, Show Details, Blind Nuts, Cage Nut, Cap Nuts, D-nuts, E-nuts, Eye Nut, Flange Nuts With Serration, Hex Left Hand Thread Nuts, Hex Nuts Din 934, Hex Thin Nuts, Hex Weld Nuts, JCN Nuts, Long Nuts, Nylon Lock Nuts Din 985, Spring Nuts, Sq Nuts, Sq Weld Nuts, Tee Nuts, U Nuts / Self Locking Nuts, Wing Nuts


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